Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Yo Ho Ho and Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, Lads 🎉

It must have been a couple of years ago when I learned about the Talk like a Pirate Day. It was during a lunch break at work and I still remember how some of us were joking around and thinking about possible names for features and settings within TeamViewer.

Since that day, I was secretly hoping for a Pirate language-selector in the TeamViewer settings - specifically on or for that day 😉 You might have seen it in other programs like Google, Outlook, or Facebook already. Like them, I love the idea - aye!

But before going into the details, let´s first clarify one thing:

What is the "Talk Like A Pirate Day"

Created in 1995, each year on September 19th the world is celebrating the Talk like A Pirate Day.

It´s a parodic holiday and the idea of the two friends, John Baur and Mark Summers, to talk like a pirate for one day - initially as a joke between friends. Arrr - but as some things go, their idea went viral, and now, it is a joyful day celebrated internationally.

To clarify: It is not about the real scary piracy but a kind of captain-jack-sparrow-fun we all adored since we were kids (or didn´t you play pirate back then?) 🏝

"Pirate" as language in the settings?

So - the idea was to offer a funny language variant of TeamViewer that is in a kind of Pirate language.

If you now think WHAT?! and wonder what I mean with that, allow me to showcase you the idea:

For this, I went down the deck and designed a pre-view so that we talk about the same (like a pirate of course 😉).

First, let´s go into the advanced TeamViewer settings and switch the language to Pirate.

Disclaimer: This is an edited screenshot - so don´t be disappointed when you do not see "Pirate" in the language switch 🙌

Do you want to go further wit´ this? Ok - let´s go 😉

Once you open your TeamViewer again after the language switch, you will see a slightly changed TeamViewer UI with Pirate instead of English or the language you used to have yer TeamView-arr in.

Admittingly - I am not fluent in Pirate and my version might not be perfect, but I think we are on a good way, aye tar?

Do ye talk Pirate, too?

Now it´s yer turn: Do ye have any good ideas on how to name some of our other features and settings?

I am curious to hear about yer ideas and suggestions (to make our special language version better). As I am still secretly hoping to get such a version in real life, I think, the better the ideas the easier it is to pitch our awesome ideas to our Product Management. And who knows... maybe they think about a special release for the next Talk Like A Pirate Day 🙌 Arrr!

Aye aye,


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