Qnap TS-253D the remote device doesn't support screen sharing

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I am running TeamViewer 15. 22.136 on my Oneplus 8 pro with android 11.

My remote device is - Server Nas QNAP TS-253D with QTS and newast version TeamViewer

When I try to remote control, I get this error - "The remote device doesn't support screen sharing. For more information please contact TeamViewer support.", but when I remotely control from my laptop, everything works fine.

Please Help



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    hi, same problem on QNAP TS-230 with latest firmware and mobile with android 10. The win10 works perfectly. The developers from QNAP referred me to the developers from TEAMVIEWER.

    Please help, Robert

  • mircea_c
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    Hi @Penq and @jaro00_rd

    The Agent for QNAP doesn't support connections from macOS, Linux or mobile clients for the moment.



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