Sneak-Peek: Public TeamViewer Surveys for all

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In case you did not know: I am a curious person.

Even after so many years of working here, each month I update my TeamViewer to an Insider Build to sneak into "what's coming next". I just can't wait for the official releases 🤷‍♀️

Then, just out of curiosity, I browse around to see what's new, what changed, and whether everything still works nicely.

This week, I found a new navigation link within the menu 👀

Well, what should I say - I clicked it. Firstly, I wanted to know what happens. Secondly, a new navigation link is not added very often, which makes it even more exciting. And lastly, taking a survey is fun.

Actually, more than just fun - typically, it has a solid purpose. So, it is fun and meaningful.

Anyhow, I landed here: TeamViewer User Focus Program

To all my friends out there preferring dark mode (yes @JoshP, I am looking specifically at you now), you´ll love the page! See for yourself 👇

Well - I immediately reached out to @wolframnagel, who is the leading force behind the User Focus Program (which is, by the way, also here in our community #justsaying) and asked him what the page is about.

I mean - obviously, the page is hosting public surveys. But for what?

The answer is quite simple, but at the same time, this makes it even better:

✔ The UX people here at TeamViewer want to hear your feedback on our products. You can see the Public Surveys as an addition to our User Focus Program but initiated as an explicit open area with very low hurdles for everyone interested in providing feedback.

✔ Especially for those, who don´t want to sign up for our official User Focus Program, but still want to help our UX and Development Teams to build a better TeamViewer. We got you covered now!

✔ If you find the surveys interesting and are open to collaborating more with us in the future, the public surveys are a great starting point for potential new members of the User Focus Program. The more participants, the better it is!

The cool thing I found is that you can participate in several surveys and not just in one.

With this, you can say "Yayy, that one sounds super cool, I am going to participate" and for the next one you can say "Nah, I don´t really care". It´s your choice!

Just as an example, those are the ones I will participate in today 🤩 Well, maybe except the IT Admin Needs as I am not an IT Admin 😉

In any case, now you know what the new tab in the menu is about. And if you wonder why you can´t see it right now (December 2nd, 2021), you most likely do not use an Insider Build but the regular TeamViewer version.

But no worries, the new tab will be available on the "real" TeamViewer with the next release in December 2021.

Thanks and best,


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