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Good morning,

I have installed TeamViewer in a Synology NAS DS218+, I realised that Remote terminal is off.

I can't switch on, so I have always received the message as “authorisation rejected”

Anyone knows how to solve this issue?

Thank you,


  • mircea_c
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    Hi @jrodriguezan

    You should be either logged in as “Admin” or your user is part of the "Admin Group" in order to activate this feature.

    Also, double check that "Enable SSH service" is checked in the device's settings.



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  • WOF
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    I have the same issue here on two different Diskstations. Both DSM 7, trying to connect from Windows 10.

    User is admin-user, SSH is active (why is that needed?), but says "No endpoints left. Please contact [email protected]" when i am trying to assign an account. Sadly, iot-sales doesnt reply to my emails.

    Is there a limit how many iot-endpoints can be added? Management console says 44/402 endpoints.

  • mircea_c
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    Dear @WOF

    If you are receiving the message with "No endpoints left. Please contact [email protected]" you cannot assign a new Synology as you do not have and free Synology Enpoints left. These devices (Synology) need a separate license witch is not covered in the normal "TeamViewer License"

    We offer the opportunity to test Synology on two devices for free as part of every Teamviewer License, at no additional cost to you.

    I will check internally if exists an issue with the email address.

    Meanwhile, you can contact our sales team from phone



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    I have the same problem, but my TeamViewer says, "Authentication Failed."

    DS923+ latest Firmware and Version of Team Viewer