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Cannot launch TeamViewer Pilot on Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2


I have purchased Google Glass EE2 in October and intend to mainly use the TeamViewer Pilot on the smartglass. I have uploaded the apk and installed the TeamViewer Pilot application into the glass. However, the application is not showing in the application list and therefore, it cannot be launched. It is stated in TeamViewer website that the Pilot application is compatible to GGEE2.

I have emailed TeamViewer regarding the issue but there hasnt been any solution to this issue. I seek your advice on this.


  • haydnk
    haydnk Posts: 2

    Same issue Have you had an update?

  • haydnk
    haydnk Posts: 2

    I read that it was in early documentation. Turns out its not supported on the Google Glasses now. (Confirmed in Email from Teamviewer Suport "Not Supported").