How to always start TeamViewer in your favorite size

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Human beings like patterns. When everything works as expected, we can concentrate on the relevant parts of our business and live happily ever after.

But, if something unexpected happens, that´s a bummer. Now we need to drag our concentration from what we want to concentrate on to problem-solving. That´s less efficient and -well- annoying.

I want to make sure this bummer-feeling never happens to you regarding your TeamViewer software. And for this, I am sharing one of my favorite TeamViewer tricks with you!

Let´s go

One of the patterns I like is the size of the software I use daily. 

You know that you can resize your TeamViewer, right? If not: You can - it´s easy, just grab a side or a corner, click, hold and drag it to your favorite size. I made you a cool video to showcase how easy it is:

This is my favorite size

Maybe it is just me, but I always want my browser to start in full-window view, my translation tool in a condensed size, and YES, I want my TeamViewer to open up in one particular size too. Every. Single. Day.

And this is how my favorite size looks like: The left menu opened up so that I can read the naming and the right size is in a perfect proportion so that it is like a smaller version of my screen size with not too much white space in the lower part:

While I think it is ok to resize software manually during the day for a certain task or a presentation or when splitting my screen, it is not when I start my day - then, I need my consistency. What about you?

TeamViewer remembers

Let´s assume, you had a busy day at work and you were resizing TeamViewer a couple of times back and forth and now, you´re about to leave for the day.

Like many pieces of software out there, TeamViewer remembers its size when you close it. You can say: TeamViewer acknowledges your personal preferences and tries to please you.

👉 So, to make sure you´re not getting a surprise on the very next day, make sure to resize your TeamViewer software back to your favorite size before shutting down for the day.

Also, close your TeamViewer via the Exit TeamViewer menu within the hamburger menu on the left. 

This method acts in a kind of "Save-Button" way and with this, your TeamViewer will start up again in the same size it had when you closed it. Tadaaa - you saved your next-day-mood✨

Start with system

And before you wonder why your TeamViewer does not start up automatically when booting your computer, please make sure to set it as a service and let it start with the system.

You can easily do this by checking the tick box on the main view:

That´s it!

I hope you benefit from this simple trick as much as I do to circumvent any obstacles in your daily business.

Out of curiosity: What´s your favorite TeamViewer size... and why? Share it in a comment below 👇

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