RevPi IoT - Remote control shows black screen.

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I have install the teamviewer iot agent and connected a revpi with mit teamviewer IoT account which worked fine.

The I tried to configure the remote control following this instructions for the X11-Server

But every time I connect I can only see a blank black screen.

So what can I do to solve this?



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    Hi @PhilippR

    Could you tell me what you want to forward via the X11 and from where do you install the TeamViewer IoT Agent on the device?



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    [teamviewer-iot-agent: version 2.22.2]

    I have the same problem. I am trying to access and control my RevPi (based on Raspberry Pi) from my computer. I am able to see the terminal and app but the screen shows blank black screen.

    Followed all the instructions from in here:

    Set up the remote screen via X11 - TeamViewer Support

    Is there a possibility that realVNC causes conflicts? And teamviewer access is not available.

    Meanwhile if i add the exact screen inside global.conf

    X11:0:pi then i get this problem: It is not possible to capture the screen of the remote device. Please check your setup and try again.

    Lastly using the remote terminal through teamviewer i the command xdpyinfo command i get this error (not received when working directly inside Raspberry):

    If i edit FileTransferAccessControl to 0 to allow full control, Teamviewer never connects.