I cannot use the TeamViewer successfully.

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  1. I have created one TeamViewer account with an Email address. Unfortunately the Email address was deactivated by the Email server. [Removed per Community Guidelines]
  2. Then I tried to connect the Teamviewer to my another device. The Teamviewer asked my to input my phone number. So I entered my phone number [Removed per Community Guidelines].
  3. Teamviewer was able to connect to my another device successfully for the 1st time. But failed for the 2nd time.
  4. At the 2nd time, TeamViewer asked me to activate the Teamviewer account with my Email account. I tried it. It said my Email account was not activated. So I activated my Email account on the Email web address.
  5. Then I tried again to activate the Teamviewer account with my Email account. TeamViewer said it had sent Email to my Email address. But I never received it. I guess the Email address was in some blacklist or failed list.
  6. Then I tried to register another Teamviewer account with another Email address. But I cannot use my phone number to activate the Teamviewer account. Teamviewer said the phone number has been used by another account.
  7. Please help to resolve the issue. I guess you can remove my Email account or phone number from the database. Thanks!


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    Hi @yiqiangma,

    I appreciate the effort of your in-depth explanation and warmly welcome you to the community! 🥳

    In order to solve your issue, please go ahead and provide me with your email address via private message. I will redirect it to our designated team.



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