Too good to be true? (Rule #4 Question everything)

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Sometimes all we want is to win the lottery and let all worries flow away while living a relaxed life on a sunny beach.

But as some say: Chances are higher to be struck by lightning than to actually win the jackpot 😵 

Well, I fact-checked that for you – and: It is true! Winning the lottery is at 45,057,474 to one and being hit by lightning in the UK is at an incredibly low 300,000 to one - according to these sources: What are the odds of being struck by lightning in the UK? | Metro News & National Lottery (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia 

💡 Let´s keep this information in mind when talking about scams.  

The Voice of Hope inside us

However, even as we learned that winning the lottery is rather unlikely to happen, there is still the tiny little hope inside us that continues to think that we could be the lucky one who wins one day. And so, it is no wonder that scammers try to get us on our weak point of hope. 

In our example, this hope is winning the lottery, but it can be anything else that sounds too good to be true. Therefore: When someone calls and tells you that you won the lottery, question it – if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. 

Chances are extremely high that a scammer will try to trick you into falling for them – higher than the chance that you actually won the lottery. 

Ask these Questions

Very important to ask yourself: Did you play the lottery this week? And did you give them your phone number or email address? Is it common that the lottery calls you to inform you about your win? Better be safe and check your winning numbers on the official lottery website instead of clicking a link in an email. 

This article focuses on raising your awareness to question everything. Especially things that sound too good to be true from people reaching out to you via an unsolicited call or text message. It is better to hang up right away or delete their text message and make sure to only install software or allow people you know and trust to connect remotely to your computer or smartphone.

You know that already 🙌  

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