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Testing API gives me "Bearer token missing." error

I created an App Script Token with Computer & Contacts -> View Entries permissions, and then I go to the website to test the API and I am getting the "Bearer token missing." error

For steps, I copied my token created under the App Script piece, pasted it into the Bearer Token heading at the top of the webapi test page and hit Explore. Then I copied a TeamViewer ID from one of the computers I have access to and hit Try now! and it returned the following response


"error": "invalid_token",

"error_description": "Bearer token missing.",

"error_code": 2


Am I creating the wrong type of App token? Or do I need to have additional permissions other than just View Entries? Any advice is appreciated, thank you!


  • Bruso
    Bruso Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Hi Zach5621,

    I have the same problem, have you solved it?



  • Bruso
    Bruso Posts: 4 ✭✭

    it works using another API platform.



  • Hi Zac,

    One thing you might've missed is adding 'Bearer' as the prefix to the token (case sensitive).

    E.g 'Bearer 1234-1234-1234'