CPU and Memory usage high on Lenovo T14 Gen 2 running Win10 and TV MWB EDR

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We make use of Teamviewer with MalwareBytes EDR solution on clients. Suddenly specific users are reporting their laptop being slow right after starting Windows 10 (and logging in) and the laptop fan is performing at 100%. MalwareBytes is taking up 80% resources and after about 2 hours the laptop isn't even able to restart (w.o. a cold boot action)

The strangest thing about these occurances is that all users experiencing this issue are using a specific laptop model, namely a Thinkpad T14 Gen2 running Intel CPU. T14 Gen1 does not suffer from this rare phenomenon, neither are the T490's of L14 Gen 2's our other users are equipped with.

Windows is either fully up to date of lacking one or two latest patches, as are the EndPoint Protection Update versions, in comparison between the T14 Gen2 users. Also drivers and firmware have been checked and reviewed (roll back included). Removing and reinstalling MWB EDR or running the MWB Support Tool does not offer any resolution

Attached is a screenshot that represents what the systems are showing right after startup (thus without even starting applications other than the minority of 'at startup' processes

We are a bit blown out of the water here.. anyone familiar with this pattern?


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    Same type of issue on HP Prodesk SFF G1 and G2. Mine is 100% disk usage.