Connection not estasblished to my Synology NAS

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I had to reinstall the DSM to 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 on my DS3615xs NAS and cannot connect from my windows pc to the NAS via teamviewer app - License needed. AFAIK, there are 2 free IOT licenses from TV to use with NAS. I have only one. How to fix the issue ?

Here is the log:

2022/06/21 11:13:21.964 15604 8792 G2  TAF::CMML: ValidHours=2, TimeOut=20000 ms

2022/06/21 11:13:22.574 15604 1404 G2  Trying connection to 2032572399, mode = 1

2022/06/21 11:13:22.575 15604 11400 G2  CParticipantManagerBase::SetMyParticipantIdentifier(): pid=[1243737179,52691453]

2022/06/21 11:13:22.672 4824 5104 S0  DriverConfiguration::GetPortNumber: No readers available

2022/06/21 11:13:22.672 4824 5104 S0  CParticipantManagerBase::SetMyParticipantIdentifier(): pid=[1243737179,52691453]

2022/06/21 11:13:22.672 4824 5104 S0  CreateClassicSession::Start: RequestRoute request BCommand: RequestRouteRequestDataControlID= ConnectionMode=1 ActionId=0 LicensedRemoteAccessType=0 ClientType=TV TargetId=2032572399 PartnerBuddyId=0 RAApiData=0000000000000000 RAApiKey=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 TVVersion:15.30.3 MID:v03000200040005000006000700080009002522ff4e9d9499422f41a691577e341c6b9feac09d<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0dd0c5b4e712d7cef7750d93b4e6b006 ClientId:1243737179 PreferredRouter: TerminalServerUserId:0 SourceId:1243737179 DisplayName:HomePC-Bron SmartAccessData Access=0 Account=0 TargetBuddy=0 PaswwordMD5HashB64Enc= SessionSecret=0000000000000000 SessionId=0 LicenseCode= SupportsLimiter=1 CBFeatures=[UseCaseCB_MVP]

2022/06/21 11:13:22.741 4824 4504 S0  CreateClassicSession::HandleRequestRouteResponse(): Response: NOROUTE_LicenseNeeded@RouterIp= Timeout=0 TranserRate=0 ActionId=0 PassiveUserId=0 UsedLicenseType=0 IsClientReportingStatistics=0 TimeoutMessage=0 LimitedStreamTypes=0 StreamBandwidth=0 StreamLimitString= LicenseFeatureSetActive=[Uninitialized] LicenseFeatureSetPassive=[Uninitialized] DomainName= BlockZoneRemainingTime=0 PassiveUserPublicKey=0000000000000000 CommercialBlockerOffender=Unknown RemainingBlockTime=0 CondAccessApprovalNeededForSession=0

2022/06/21 11:13:22.741 4824 4504 S0  SessionControl::TerminateSession: Termination before establishing the Remote Session

2022/06/21 11:13:22.742 15604 9236 G2!! LoginOutgoing: ConnectFinished - error: LicenseNeeded


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    Hi @nwizard

    First ,could you please double check your "Computer and Contacts" list if this device is already there and assigned from the previous installation or maybe you have already two iot/Qnap/Synology devices.

    The device is assigned ? Aare you trying to connect directly via id and password? The Qnap/Synology devices are not supporting direct connection as they need to be assigned to an account. The "how to article" is here



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    Hi Mircea,

    the device is already there and yes, it is assigned to my account. TV connection just works without any problem before upgrade.

    What to do next ?

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    anyone ?