2.20.2 teamviewer-iot-agent_logfile.log unlimited size

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Is there a way within TeamViewer IOT package to set up truncation of the edge device log file size? During recent loss of internet connection, the log file grew to consume full partition and crash my device. This problem did not exist in 1.x branch of the agent.


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    Hi @HT4

    The teamviewer-iot-agent_logfile.log has a limit file if I am not mistaking between 2 - 5 MB

    By chance could you tell how big it was or it is possible to share it if you still have it?

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    1.6 GB. Not sure if I can upload that here. It's a very inconvenient file to work with. Can you a provide a server location?

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    I uploaded logs from two different edge devices with large log files. One has 30-40 MB, the other 1.6 GB. Every device that I have with version 2.18.x, 2.19.x or 2.20.x has log files larger than 5 MB.