1.5 Billion TeamViewer IDs: A Milestone Worth Celebrating

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header_1.5bnIDs_CommunityBlog.pngTeamViewer’s loyal users have now created 1.5 billion TeamViewer IDs. What is even more remarkable is that the first billion IDs took ten years to generate, but the last 500 million were added in just 20 months.

Here’s a short video celebrating this landmark: 

What has led to this monumental acceleration? A combination of factors, including the ever-growing number of internet-enabled devices in the workplace, and the impact of the values and approaches TeamViewer has adopted since the very beginning.

Before diving into the story of how we reached this extraordinary milestone, let’s first answer the question: What is a TeamViewer ID?

What’s so special about 1.5 billion TeamViewer IDs?

A TeamViewer ID is unique and can be used to contact that device from any other instance of TeamViewer.

The device’s unique ID is generated when TeamViewer is activated on a device for the first time. 1.5 billion IDs means that TeamViewer has been activated on 1.5 billion unique devices all over the world.

More importantly, it also represents the number of people accomplishing incredible things.

From helping a coworker in an office 1,000 miles away to maintaining servers and IT infrastructure we depend on, TeamViewer is there, even to ensure the health and safety of astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

TeamViewer is not just for the professionals of the world. Let’s not forget all the family IT experts helping parents, grandparents, or siblings with their day-to-day technical requests.

Reaching 1.5 billion TeamViewer IDs wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work. We see all that you're accomplishing, and we're proud we can help you get there.

Where did it all begin?

Back in 2005, it all started with a simple idea that held so much potential: Connect two PCs and control the remote device as easily as if you were actually there.

The loyal TeamViewer userbase sprang to life and immediately pushed the boundaries of what was possible with the earliest versions of TeamViewer.

With the momentum generated by these users, the TeamViewer team was inspired to continue developing too.

The ways that users have used TeamViewer have changed and grown as the challenges of the modern workplace evolved. Feedback from users has helped us to understand exactly what is needed to solve difficulties in tech support, IT administration, teleworking, and more.

We firmly believe that it is because we invite feedback, TeamViewer has become the most popular remote control software in the world.

Users and Developers Paved the Path to TeamViewer’s Popularity Together

Fast-forward to 2015. Within ten years, TeamViewer had been activated on 1 billion devices – a testimony to the passionate work remote supporters, IT admins, and teleworkers perform every day, all over the world.

As the number of TeamViewer users rose, we lifted our customer focus to another level.

New initiatives were founded internally to ensure that the development of new features and improvements for TeamViewer were aimed at solving the most critical challenges users face.

To meet our users’ evolving need for fast, secure remote support and collaboration solutions, we’ve continuously enhanced functionality, explored IoT innovations, and founded new initiatives such as the Blizz collaboration tool, TeamViewer Community, and TeamViewer Academy.

Simply put – what we are able to offer our users is a far better product that provides superior tools for the tasks they need to complete.

Combined, all of these factors have contributed to 500 million new TeamViewer IDs in just the last 20 months.

We Won’t Stop at 1.5 – You’re Invited to Continue the Journey With Us

It has been an incredible journey so far.

However, we will continuously concentrate on improving TeamViewer in order to provide the most effective tools possible for IT specialists, collaborators, teleworkers, and other users in every part of the world.

Find out more about our journey together on the website.

Let’s see how quickly we can work in tandem to reach our next milestone!

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