Download MSI files from Teamviewer Management Console


Hey. I am pretty newbie in this field, but i really want to learn and give it a try.

I am trying to make a script that automaticly download the latest version from TeamViewer from Management Console. I understand i have to use Teamviewers WebApi and create a token, but what now? I thought it was really easy, maybe it was a archive anywhere, but no. Does anybody have a clue in this field? If so, i would really appreciate it.




  • jonearthur
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    The Download file for the MSI package can be found inside the Management Console. Under Design & Deploy --> Edit your customized Host --> the Download MSI link is displayed in the lower right corner.

    It is helpfull or not

  • mariusthomassen
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    Thanks, it works, kinda. If i click the "+", the relevent options for me are "Host" and "Full Client". But when i find the download link to the MSI, both shows x32 bit, where are x64? If that made sense.

    Extra question:

    And are the MSI link perment and automatically updating to the newst?

    Thanks again