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Hi all!

Because you are the ones who use TeamViewer every day in all imaginable and unimaginable situations - it is vital for us to hear YOUR IDEAS💡!

This is where you can help shape the future of TeamViewer, by suggesting changes or updates that can improve workflows and benefit your use case!

 To make sure that we can implement your ideas in the best possible way, please consider the points below:

  •  Before you post your ideas, please check the ideas that have already been posted. Similar ideas might already be found in the Ideas Hub
    • If this is the case, please support them by describing your own use case in a comment. Upvote the Idea by clicking on the upward arrow (▲) underneath the Idea:
  • Please describe your use case as well as you can and how these improvements might help you. For our development team, it is essential to understand how you use TeamViewer and what you want to achieve with your improvement suggestions.
    • Please also keep in mind that implementing new features is not always the magic solution and that, based on UX research, small changes can also still help you achieve your end goals.
  • Screenshots are helpful and always welcome! The clearer you describe your idea, the better we can implement it, and screenshots are a great way to convey information!
  • Please do not make unrelated posts/posts that are not feature-related. We reserve the right to remove posts with little content and meaning.
  • Please do not post patented/copyrighted ideas.

📝To get started, simply click here to begin sharing your Ideas!

Have fun drafting your suggestions and ideas!

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  • tvapips
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    Before you post your ideas, please check the ideas that have already been posted.

    Yes, but there's no filter for ideas, only for Discussions / Articles / Places / Events / Members

  • JoshP
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    Hello @tvapips

    Thanks for your post. I hope the New Year is going well for you so far!

    When searching Discussions, you can use the filter to the right to specify a certain board:

    From the Categories drop-down you can select the Ideas Hub to only show options from that specific board.

    I hope this helps!

    Josh P.

    Senior Community Moderator