Guidelines for the Ideas Hub ūüí°

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Hi all!


Because you are the ones who use TeamViewer every day in all imaginable and unimaginable

situations -¬†it is vital for us to hear YOUR IDEASūüí°!


To make sure that we can implement your ideas in the best possible way, please consider the points below:


  • Before you post your ideas,¬†please check the ideas that have¬†already¬†been posted.¬†Similar ideas might already be found in the Ideas Hub.¬†If this is the case, please complement them¬†by describing your own user story in a comment and upvote the idea by clicking on the left.¬†ūüĒľ
  • For our development team, it is¬†essential¬†to understand how you use TeamViewer and what you want to achieve¬†with your improvement suggestions. Therefore, please describe¬†your use case as well as you can¬†and how¬†these improvements¬†might help you. Please keep in mind that¬†implementing new features¬†is not¬†always the magic solution¬†and that,¬†based on UX research,¬†small changes can already help you to achieve your goals.
  • Of course, screenshots are helpful and always welcome! The clearer you draw us a picture of your idea, the better we can implement it!
  • We reserve the right to remove posts with little content and meaning.
  • Please do not post new, patentable or copyrighted ideas here.

¬†Have fun drafting your suggestions and ideas! ūüďĚ