Run TeamViewer session by API


Hi, we have few thousand machines and we are wasting a lot of time to rewrite user credential back and forth to get the machine. It is not an occasional process - it is a main process to check the local application. We have in the database a login and password for TeamViwer and for the Windows account - so we have to write it twice. We are using IP address as Partner ID so it cannot be populated into list in TeamViwer and the list as a list not helping a lot when we are talking about big numbers of remote machines. The question is about possibilities to use your API and sequence of calls to get access having IP and password for TeamViewer and possibilities to automatically detect necessity to provide user credential and enter Windows user and password if need so. The need to rewrite passwords has nothing to do with security in our case - on the contrary - if it can be operated via the API, the passwords would not be visible to the staff, where their rotation forces us to change passwords for all machines, which is usually expensive.