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Question: Can I estiblish a comand prompt connection in th host computer without resarting in safe mode with CMD?  I have a session connection to the host computer. Unforthunly it is stuck in a booting mode after instlling Windows updates. 

Issues: The computer in stuck in a loop and I need to restart it and all other functions within TeamViewer have failed.(ctrl,alt,delet,  system comand to resart/safe) have all failed. 

No file tranfer, no VPN, 


  • I had same issues. But i had LogMeIn on this Server as reserve software and ran remote reboot option and host did back after 5 minutes.
    I Think Dev guys must do option with remote reboot. (Like LogMeIn)
    And connection ability only with CMD or PowerShell with no GUI. This will be perfect for any quick actions, like service restart or process closure.
    At now i'm using TeamViewer VPN and do this over PowerShell, but this one requires a lot of pre-configurations to work. Like trust between hosts, user account for connection...
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