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[Linux] v15.40.6

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Operating system: Linux

Version: 15.40.6

Release date: 2023-03-21


  • Improved video quality in TeamViewer sessions.

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  • anonymousart3
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    edited March 2023

    Ever since the 15.39.3 version, my TeamViewer crashes on disconnect from a remote machine with a coredump and such. This version didn't fix that issue.

    For reference, i'm on Linux Mint 21 64bit with the 5.19.0-35-generic kernel

    I don't know what's causing the crash, but here is some screenshots of the log files, log.gui, TeamViewer15_Logfile.log, and TeamViewer_FI_15.40.6_2023-03-21-111159.amd64

    [log files removed per Community Guidelines]

    I know the one screenshot contains the TeamViewer ID for the machine I was controlling, but honestly I don't care, I can change that systems passwords and such, its not an important machine. What IS important though is that whatever is causing this crash be fixed, and I'm willing to sacrifice a tiny bit of privacy if it means you can solve this issue and make the software whole again. Its AMAZING software, and I'd hate to hold back something that can be useful in fixing the issue.