Top 5 tips on How to Secure Your Remote Connectivity with TeamViewer Tensor

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IT has transitioned from traditional, isolated systems to cloud-based applications that demand 24/7 availability, from a local workforce to “work-from-anywhere” teams. With TeamViewer Tensor's 360° Security, you can equip your organization with the armor it needs to face these new challenges. In this blog, we’ll guide you through our 5-step program towards a secure connectivity operation.

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1. Understand Why Secure Remote Connectivity Matters

Embrace the new world: Workforces spread across the globe are far more prone to attacks. Understand the new attack vectors and security threats that accompany this shift. With TeamViewer's top 1% tech industry ranking by BitSight and extensive support for compliance and standards, you're on the right path.

Build up your security fundamentals: Start with building awareness among staff, training external partners, and defining clear expectations. It's about privacy, access control, and understanding the human, machine, and bot actors involved in your ecosystem.


2. Choose Platforms Built for Security from the Get-Go

Remote connectivity is a clear boost for your workforce’s productivity and ability to give and get support. But security mustn't be an afterthought. With TeamViewer's array of features like password randomization, device authentication, multi-factor authentication, and conditional access, you have a fortress at your fingertips. Check out our security features and get going.


3. Comply with Security Standards and Certifications

Ensuring that your remote connectivity platform is keeping up with emerging technologies and threats is vital. TeamViewer's stringent compliances like GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO 27000 place you ahead of the curve and ensure that companies in various verticals, such as HIPAA for the healthcare sector, can safely adopt TeamViewer.


4. Embrace Transparency with Vulnerability Disclosures

Build Trust through Transparency: Be candid about possible security vulnerabilities. TeamViewer's status as an authorized CVE Numbering Authority underlines this commitment. On top, you should incentivize reporting through Bug Bounty programs - encourage ethical hacking and responsible disclosure to make products and services better.


5. Lead with Security Thought Leadership

Engage in technology thought leadership, share expertise, and collaborate with communities and media in the security space.


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