How do I import .reg (include pass and settings etc...) file via command line (SCCM)


Hi All!

I created a custom host installer. This can only be downloaded as an .exe extension. I have installed it from sccm and it registers the machine in the appropriate company folder, but how do I import the prepared host settings , .reg file (including permanent password and settings etc...) via command line ( by SCCM) to the installed host?

The goal is to have the host already configured on the host installed from SCCM! Experience is that the reg file settings are only valid if I import the file manually in the host settings. Old descriptions on the net and here do not work. Importing the file into the registry does not work either. It is added to the registry, but the host does not pick up the settings even after reboot.

Host version: 15.44.6



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    Personally, we have used WinRAR to create self-extracting archives which contain all of the necessary files. You can specify where things extract to, what gets run, etc. In our case we have the .ico file so the .exe has the TV icon, the batch file that runs the msi and then imports the .reg afterward. This could probably get you around the limitation of SCCM.

    Edit: Actually, rereading your post, it sounds like this wouldn't help. You could probably still use this method to use the batch to pass command line options to import the .tvopt though.