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[Linux] Embedded Agent v3.0.3

davitivanyan Posts: 4 Staff member 🤠

Operating system: Linux

Version: 3.0.3

Release date: 2023-08-30

New Features

  • The embedded agent now performs device assignment using a new backend technology. This is designed to provide greater flexibility, finer-grained controls and ease of administration.
  • Embedded agents are no longer cleaned up after migration. This is because features like monitoring, device configuration or system/agent update depend on the classic device management method.
  • Device owners, and users with full access to embedded agents, are getting an automatic software update permission granted during migration.
  • Embedded agents assigned via the Assignment Token are now automatically granted Easy Access.
  • TeamViewer Remote is now showing the correct version in the device details of an embedded device.
  • During a remote screen session to an embedded agent, a supporter can invite another participant to the session.


  • Embedded agents now use a more robust assignment method. The process no longer depends on device certificates or firewall rules.
  • Improved connection and traffic handling during port forwarding.
  • The assignment command can now include an alias parameter to set a desired device name. This is then visible in the UI.


  • Fixed a bug where the session window would not open if only File Transfer was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the program "mc" was displayed not right within the remote terminal.
  • Fixed a bug where there messaging was not available if assignment failed using docker.