My account got deleted out of nowhere

kanako Posts: 1

Hi, I was using teamviewer heavily back in 2017 then stopped using it. Just today I wanted to go back to using it again.

I remembered my password, so I was just trying to add a new device, etc.... got the trust device email and everything... and then I got kicked out of my account.

I tried to log back in and it kept saying my account name and password do not match their records. I tried sending "forgot password" emails many a time, and I didn't receive anything.

Customer support was of no help but they did mention my account not being on their record.

So I clicked on "register" and that got me in.... as a new account. All my registered devices erased.

Has someone experience something like this, or has any idea how I can solve this? I have a trusted device from back home (on a different continent) on that account that I want to access too... I need help.