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I have a single TeamViewer account that I typically use to connect to my Windows PC, Mac PC, and Android phone. Recently, when I logged in to TeamViewer on my Mac PC using this account, I noticed the presence of a contact from recent sessions that I don't recognize. Does this indicate that someone attempted to access my PC via my TeamViewer account? I'm curious about the source of the information regarding contacts from recent sessions in the Mac TeamViewer interface. It's worth noting that this information is not visible when I use the same TeamViewer account on my Windows PC. I've attached an image from the Mac TeamViewer login interface for reference.


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    Hello @Raju_P,

    Welcome to our TeamViewer Community! And thanks a lot for this thoughtful question.

    First, let me quickly explain what the Contacts from recent sessions feature is for:

    Via Contacts from recent sessions, you can add a contact from one of your recent sessions to your Computers & Contacts list. To do so, just click on the name. Please know that recent sessions don't include only the last two or three sessions you joined but also sessions or meetings longer ago.

    Since on your Mac device, the TeamViewer Classic version is running, do you maybe use the TeamViewer Remote interface on your Windows device? On TeamViewer Remote you will find not your Recent Contacts but your Recent Connections to quickly reconnect and easily access your devices on the right side of the Remote Support tab or in the Devices tab.

    Moreover, please rest assured that this doesn't indicate that someone tried to access your device via your account.

    In case you haven't set it up already, I'd love to show you how to secure your account/ devices even more.

    Let us know if we could answer all your questions.



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