Update now to the most recent TeamViewer Remote version 15.50. See the Changelogs here.

[Linux] v15.50.5

JenW Posts: 919 Moderator

Operating system: Linux

Version: 15.50.5

Release date: 2024-01-24

New features

  • Usability has been improved when closing a session on the remote side. If the session is closed via screen sharing control in Gnome and KDE (when running with Wayland), the session is now closed correctly on the local and remote devices.


  • Fixed a bug on Gnome and KDE which prevented the remote control session from closing if screen sharing was rejected from a remote device on Wayland.

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  • rerem8433
    rerem8433 Posts: 2

    One day the Linux version will be as successful as the Windows version... I've been waiting for 10 years for the "last accessed ago" message from my disconnected friends on my Contacts List...