TeamViewer Deployment


This is more of a PSA to the other admins out there struggling with the insanely difficult deployment based on all of the outdated information in TeamViewers articles.

For those of you stumbling upon this, if you're using Powershell, you'll need to adjust a little. Here's my example.

1) In the Custom Module that you define in the WebConsole:

Deactivate "Use Managed Group assignment"!!!

Activate "Allow Account assignment". The rest doesn't really matter... yes I know it makes no real sense for some.

2) Create your Assignment under Design & Deploy

3) The installation with the MSI:

$pkg = (path to your .msi file, I had to use GPO to move mine from a network folder to the users local Public Documents as a hidden item to get it to work)

Start-Process msiexec "/i $pkg /qn CUSTOMCONFIGID=xxxxxxx" -wait

Start-Sleep -Seconds 20

Start-Process -FilePath "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe" -ArgumentList "assignment", "--device-alias=%computername%", "--id (your Assignment ID here (from the Assignment Tab in the Design & Deploy tab in the web client))", "--retries=10", "--timeout=60"

I am going to try using an immediate task in GPO, we'll see though, I may use a startup script instead. Hope this helps! Feel free to comment if you have questions.