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Something went wrong any ideas


  • Akiho
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    Hi William_of_Oving,
    Thank you for reaching out to the Community.

    We would like to know more about your experience. Could you please tell us what exactly happened when you tried to sign in?

    Please also share a screenshot of the error message if you received any.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



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  • FedeS
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    We've had the same issue since this Monday. After entering the username and password, the message attached appears. After several attempts, we manage to log in. We've encountered the issue on both Edge and Chrome (latest releases) and on both Win10 and Win11. We've also tried clearing the cache, but then the problem reoccurs randomly. We use the web version from this link:

    We have this issue in multiple machines (more than 30)

  • FedeS
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    There are any news about this issue? If we can't fix soon we need to valuate other software. Kind regards