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Event ID 10005 "Installation requires admin rights" when installing through Intune

Hi guys!

My customer has purchased a licenced version of Teamviewer and has provided me with the .MSI installer for the client side of it.  I'm trying to deploy it through Microsoft Intune as a Line of Business application (that's how you deploy MSI's via Intune), but the installation is always failing.

When I look on a client computer where the installation has failed, I can see an Event ID 10005 with the error "TeamViewer 12 (MSI Wrapper) -- Installation requires Admin-Rights"

As far as I know, Intune installs software as Local System, and I'm pretty sure it would just be running the msiexec /i teamviewer.msi /quiet command to install it.

I've tested this installation command line in a command prompt running as Local System and teamviewer installs just fine.  So I'm not sure what's going on for Intune to keep failing the install.

Any ideas? or maybe some switches I can pass to the teamviewer.msi?


  • Gogola
    Gogola Posts: 2

    Hello Noel,

    We are aware of the issues surrounding the deployment of the TeamViewer MSI package through Intune. At the moment, it is not supported due to the additional assignment tool .exe needed to complete the installation. Intune standalone only supports the deployment of .MSI packages to Win 10 devices enrolled via MDM. If you are trying to deploy through the full Intune agent then please let me know.

    To support our customers and improve the user experience, TeamViewer will be releasing an improved method of deploying the MSI package. I do not have an ETA to share just yet.

  • SJ1
    SJ1 Posts: 3


    we have upgraded to TeamViewer 13 Subscription today and have the same issue deploying TeamViewer.msi with Intune MDM in our Network. The Appstore Version is way to basic to use for Customer Support.

    I hope we get an updated msi soon.

  • Vorian
    Vorian Posts: 1

    Hello Gogola,

    Is there an ETA now ? I have the same problem and we can't use the current TeamViewer integration with Azure Intune, because it's too much steps for the end user, it's much more complicated than the plain old Microsoft Remote Assistance.

    Thanks !

  • SJ1
    SJ1 Posts: 3

    Any update to this issue?

  • simon2
    simon2 Posts: 3

    Would also like an update please.

  • atreides1
    atreides1 Posts: 1

    Same problem here.

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