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Step up your game with ITbrain, our comprehensive IT management solution that seamlessly integrates with TeamViewer.

Without a doubt, TeamViewer is a very powerful tool on its own.

But are you familiar with ITbrain, yet? It is a comprehensive IT management tool made by TeamViewer which will enable you to step up your game and deliver superior IT service off the cuff.

While TeamViewer allows you to solve your clients’ IT problems with ease when they occur, ITbrain takes care of the proactive measures that prevent malfunctions from happening in the first place.

Offering an all-in-one anti-malware, monitoring and backup solution, ITbrain simply is a perfect match for anyone who wants to get even more out of TeamViewer.

Watch the following video for a brief introduction to ITbrain and its main features.

Read on for to learn about ITbrain’s strong features for IT management!

Monitoring – One Step Ahead. Always.

Just as important as the ability to quickly resolve errors that already occurred is the comprehensive monitoring of all of your devices to prevent any malfunctions upfront.

Let ITbrain take care of that for you and monitor your devices’ hard- and software components, such as drive disks, CPUs, firewalls, and many more.

ITbrain does not only check all of your devices constantly, but also notifies you via email or directly, via instant alerts in your TeamViewer Computers & Contacts list, whenever the criteria you predefined are met. This way, you’ll be able to jump into action even before a problem occurs!

Meanwhile, a central dashboard allows you to get an overview of your IT’s health, displaying all of your performed checks in a single window.

Anti-Malware – Certified Protection.

Security breaches always come at a high cost – whether it’s the loss of data or reputation.
ITbrain’s anti-malware, however, let’s you install it and forget about those worries. Updating itself with the latest malware definitions multiple times a day on the server side, our anti-malware is always up to date and maintenance-free.

Enjoy real-time protection from the moment you activate ITbrain Anti-Malware on a device.

All files and even USB devices will be scanned for potential threats as soon as they’re being accessed or plugged in, respectively.

Set it up as needed by creating individual anti-malware policies, defining scan conditions, and decide in which cases you want to be notified of a detected threat.

For its reliability, ITbrain Anti-Malware has repeatedly been awarded the VB100 certification by Virus Bulletin.

Backup – Be on the Safe Side.

Nobody can afford a loss of data like customer information or intellectual property. As a result, regular backups are a must.

Gladly, ITbrain can be used to back up a device in virtually no time from within the ITbrain Dashboard. The data is then being stored offsite in the cloud and under the highest security standards, which allows you to back them up or restore them from anywhere at any time.

Using backup policies, you can schedule backups according to your or your clients’ needs and even adjust e.g. the file filter or define a maximum allowed bandwidth for them.

Moreover, ITbrain Backup provides easy scalability and full control over which files to back up or to restore.

Asset Management – All Your Assets Just One Click Away

Need to get an overview of your deployed hard- and software?

ITbrain makes asset management convenient, listing hard and software across all devices in your network as a part of your ITbrain dashboard.

This way, you can e.g. create a comprehensive inventory of your hardware, check for inappropriate software, or get any other customized report on your devices in a matter of seconds.

Of course, all reports can be printed out or be saved as a CSV file for further processing.

ITbrain Means Intelligent IT Management

If you’re searching for an IT management system that provides watertight security, easy scalability, and deep customizability for any number of devices, then ITbrain is your solution.

And thanks to its innate integration with TeamViewer, any operation on your or your clients’ devices can be done immediately and hassle-free via remote access. Be it the setup of ITbrain Monitoring, Anti-Malware, and Backup, or in case you have to connect to a client directly via TeamViewer, it’s all available with a single click.

Supercharge TeamViewer with ITbrain – today!

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