Managment Console: Daily raport for manager.

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I'm owner of my small company/business .
I hire 2 people and want to hire new one.
I have 3 chanel and think will buy fourth.

I need to control my emplers what they do today.

So I go to managment console and want to check...

I'm on:

and select all connections, from 15.11.2017 to 15.11.2017

And I see all connections but......... 
I want to ask:

  1. how many connection was performed ? and how long it was ?
  2. how many clients was connected ?
  3. how many groups was connected ? and how long it was per each group ?
  4. how many connection was made by each of my employers ?  and how long it was per each of my employers ?


Only what I see is a list of connection and sumary 8 horus 33 minutes.
When I select each employer and check the time I see:
1 employer 3 horus 2 minutes
2 employer 5 hours 15 minutes
my connections  16 minutes

I'm asking why I must to check it in that way (switching each user/employer).
Why I do not have daily raport for my company ?

Please add such feature.

This will improve the added value of the product and will make it more likely that I will renew the license in the new year :)

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