Use TeamViewer 12 to Be Smarter, Better, Faster, and Stronger

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TeamViewer-12-beta.jpgDo you guys ever wish you could get things done twice as fast, save yourself hours of hassle, and effortlessly amaze people with your work?

I’ve got great news for you. Now you can.

Your incredible feedback meant we were able to focus on making sure that TeamViewer 12 makes your life at home and at work more productive, more agile, and improves your ability to focus on the task at hand.

Download and take advantage of the TeamViewer 12 Beta to:

  • Turbocharge your remote support with enormous performance enhancements
  • Improve your workflow with smart tweaks
  • Start remote connections to and from mobile devices, and for the first time to Windows Phones!

And that’s just the beginning.

Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect from TeamViewer 12.

Get Things Done Smarter with TeamViewer 12

Have you ever felt like technology doesn’t utilize its full range of possibilities?

To make sure you can live up to your full potential with even less barriers in your way, we constantly try to think of new ways to take advantage of the technology we can work with.

» Remote QuickSteps

Save yourself hundreds of clicks by performing your most used actions on remote devices in just one click from the remote control session toolbar.

» Remote Control Tabs for macOS

Easily work on multiple remote sessions at the same time from Mac with tab switching using macOS Sierra’s latest tab view technology.

» Service Case Notifications

Provide faster and more effective IT support thanks to multi-channel notifications that inform you when a new service case has been created, and make it easy to assign work to the right person.

» Remote Sticky Note

Build stronger, more personal customer relationships by giving people you provide remote support to a good feeling, simply by leaving a note for them to read during or after a remote support session.

» servicecamp

Work together to give support that’s simple, personalized, and effective by integrating a fully-fledged Service Desk integrated in TeamViewer, to optimize your workflow and workload.

Work Better with TeamViewer 12 And Enjoy Your Work

Worktime is lifetime, too. To make providing customer service the most enjoyable work possible, there are several new features coming with TeamViewer 12.

» High Frame Rate Connections

Enjoy a seamless experience even when viewing or editing videos from wherever you are with remote sessions running at up to 60 fps and in 4K resolution.

» Simplified Client Interface

Use a simplified, more intuitive, and enjoyable one-window interface by activating an optional new makeover of the main TeamViewer desktop client, that lets you find the features you need just where you expect them.

» Intelligent Connections Setup

It’s easy to always enjoy connections with the best possible quality thanks to TeamViewer’s ability to automatically adjust to your system and network conditions, such as CPU, screen scaling from remote device, Chipset, Driver, Buffer, Network Cable, Grab Time and more.

» OneDrive for Business

Quickly access the files you need from your OneDrive for Business cloud storage during remote control sessions and online meetings, with OneDrive for Business integrated into TeamViewer.

» Smoother Remote Sessions

Feel like the remote device is right in front of you with an immersive remote session experience, thanks to lower latency, faster input response, a shorter connection time, and improved compression.

Complete Tasks Faster and Save Time with TeamViewer 12

Everybody is familiar with this situation: You’re on the road driving to an urgent appointment and you could get there in time, if it wasn’t for that slowpoke right in front of you.

And when you finally arrive, there’s no parking lot in sight. Frustrating, right? As you know it’s the same with working on a computer, when there are limits to your speed.

But don’t worry, because we put our efforts in cutting out time spend on waiting and searching in TeamViewer 12.

» Faster File Transfer

Transfer files between devices quickly and securely up to 20x faster than before, and at speeds of up to 200 mb/s with TeamViewer File Transfer.

» Silent Host Roll Out

Quickly deploy TeamViewer to thousands of your devices with a silent roll out of TeamViewer custom Host modules via MSI.

» Remote Device Dashboard

Save time diagnosing and fixing technical issues on remote devices by using a Dashboard to quickly view and take action on critical performance information during a remote session.

» Code Base Re-write for Performance

Enjoy working with a tool that works as fast as you do, thanks to re-written code structures with a focus on performance optimization, that improves its overall speedy performance, and means you’re able to get more done.

» Device Connection Reports

Solve IT issues faster by speaking to the right person sooner, with centralized reporting of inbound connections you can keep an overview of everyone who connects to a device via the TeamViewer Management Console.

Grow Stronger and Up Your Game with TeamViewer 12

Improve your support and be more flexible than ever before, by using TeamViewer from anywhere you want, with any device, while being in full control over your security.

» Mobile to Mobile Remote Connections

Work better on the go with mobile to mobile remote control and screen sharing – connect to and from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices from wherever you are.

» TeamViewer Policy Assignment

Keep an overview of which security settings have been successfully applied to devices you manage, and view and assign settings from a central location, even when your devices are offline.

» TeamViewer Policy API

Save time by integrating automatic policy assignment into your tools and scripts using the brand new TeamViewer policy API.

» Service Case Chat

Never leave your customers hanging by giving them the chance to speak with you before a support session begins to ask any questions with chat functionality in custom TeamViewer modules.

» Windows Phone Support

Close a gap in your overall IT environment with the first remote support for Windows Phones solution, saving you time and hassle in IT support.

Download and Get Started with the TeamViewer 12 Beta

TeamViewer 12 is all about enabling you to do the best and most enjoyable work you can provide while taking away barriers that prevent you from doing so.

With this new version you can:

  • Remotely work from mobile to mobile
  • Have a smoother remote experience
  • Focus on the actual task
  • Spend your valuable time on other things than waiting
  • Handle TeamViewer more intuitively
  • Receive and distribute valuable information more easily

Start using all the new features today by downloading the TeamViewer 12 Beta now.

How are you going to make use your favorite new feature? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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