3 Lessons Super Mario Taught Today’s IT Supporters

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March 10th is Super Mario Day. Find out which lessons the Italian plumber taught today’s IT supporters!

With 295 Million copies sold, Super Mario is the most successful video game franchise and the Italian plumber himself the most recognizable video game character ever. But his success doesn’t only show in numbers. That little guy undeniably has a lasting effect on the people who enjoy playing his games to this day – maybe even the entire world. His very own “Super Mario Day” is celebrated on 10th of March, or Mar10.

For many 80’s kids – and probably even a good portion of their own children – Super Mario games were the first point of contact with video games and the digital world. But more than that, in some of these kids, Super Mario kindled a burning passion for that digital world. And today, these Super Mario playing kids have grown to be our indispensable IT experts.

But, turning the tables, do you think Mario would be a good IT supporter? I think he might just be more suited for this job than you would imagine!

Because Super Mario taught today’s technicians some very important lessons, that we’re going to explore in the course of this article.

Lesson 1: Heroic Morale and the Need to Help Others

I’m sure that, if you read this article, you’re aware that in every single one of his adventures, Mario’s main goal is to save his beloved princess peach. But no matter how frustrating it might be to see her being kidnapped by his nemesis Bowser again and again, Mario comes to the rescue every time. And that’s good guy Mario’s attitude: helping the ones who are in a desperate situation and can’t get out on their own.

IT supporters have their own quest, but as instilled by Mario, they share a heroic morale and the need to help others: They’re the heroes who come to the rescue, whenever their clients are unable to solve a computer problem. Even if it’s the same problem over and over again.

Thank you, support heroes!

Lesson 2: Problem Solving Persistency

Okay, this one’s more of a metaphor, admittedly.

But Mario has something of a problem solver, if you think about it: He’s never shy to wreck his head over those question mark boxes floating in mid-air, right? And he does so relentlessly, until he caught the very last coin in that box. Standing up after he fell into a hole in the ground or was run over by a Bullet Bill, Mario runs levels repeatedly, until he finally beats Bowser and saves Peach.

Anyone who has ever attempted to solve a more intermediate problem with their device themselves knows that persistence is a vital ingredient to success. Even if you’re a professional who knows all probable causes for a specific problem, trial and error is still part of the problem solving process on many occasions.

Good thing you learned persistency with the help of a real master!

Lesson 3: Use the Proper Tools to Amplify Your Power

From the name of the genre he represents, you wouldn’t think so, but Mario can actually do much more than plain jumping and running. As a player, you’re familiar and probably a big fan of objects like mushrooms, suits, or stars that are capable of increasing Mario’s powers and endurance.

Granting him skills like flight, invincibility, or shooting fire balls, these items offer tons of possibilities and make the game that much more fun. Not to mention that it’s relieving to know you can take more enemy hits and fight back much easier.

Just like Mario’s true potential unfolds, when he uses an item, IT supporters can use TeamViewer as an amplifier of their own super powers. If you think about it, the term super powers is not even a hyperbole, since TeamViewer allows users to access computers, mobiles, or IoT devices all over the world. As a tool, it redefines what technicians can do – without even leaving their desk.

Let’s Tip Our Red Caps to Super Mario

Mario is an icon who puts a smile on the faces of kids and adults since 1981. So, if a video game character deserves their own holiday, it’s definitely him.

And it doesn’t seem like he is going to stop any time soon, so we can be exited to see his future adventures. Who knows, he might even get into remote support one day, since he’s got some important qualities already.

What’s the most important lesson you learned from Super Mario? Leave a comment below!

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