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Welcome to the TeamViewer IoT Labs

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Welcome to the TeamViewer IoT Labs.

In this space we will, from time to time, post things that come fresh from our developers. Things that are prototypes or development snippets deemed worthy to get feedback from you to enhance further development. Things that are "byproducts" of our regular development, stuff that is only loosely related to IoT but may grow into its own line of products or used in other existing product lines.

Nonetheless, we will use this platform to publish pre-releases and beta versions for you. This way you can have a sneak peek of our current roadmap and have early access to our latest developments.

Feel free to browse around, download stuff and try new things. Please be aware that, though everything is tested and approved, things may still break or be rough on the edge. We will provide support for all posted components through this forum as much as possible.

We rely on your feedback. Some of what you will find here may even at some point be implemented in the product and become a full release. Yet only what you deem valuable will be picked up. Thus, everything posted here is temporary and may be removed, but you are able to influence its further direction. You can do so by showing interest, posting comments, or just by downloading, using and telling your success stories to us or to the community.

We will update this forum and the things we provide here as our developers create new functionality. Make sure you come back from time to time, or just subscribe to this forum and you will get notified via e-mail for any news.



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