IoT Remote AppControl solution and Synology NAS boxes



  • Theoxis
    Theoxis Posts: 1 Newbie

    (1) I installed the TeamViewer app on my Synology

    (2) I assigned the TeamViewer app on my Synology successfully to my account

    (3) When I enable 'Remote Terminal' and I connect, I successfully get to see the Synology interface. I can log in etc, all works totally fine.

    (4) When I disable 'Remote Terminal' and I connect, nothing happens. I don't get a screen with the Synology interface or anything. The desktop app says: The session with <nasname> has been terminated (0:00).

    A window is supposed to open right? I don't know how to troubleshoot this. Thank you for any help!

    (I tried restarting the app on the synology btw, that didn't help)...

  • It would be nice to have Teamviewer updated to the new grouping system :-)