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Best Practice for Teamviewer on fresh rollout deployed Terminalservers

We want to bring the Teamviewer 13 version into an RDP / CITRIX machine.

I think it must be the TV Host?

The Users of the RDP Session want use meeting and remote session in both directions, and the chat feature.

what is best practice or your experience?

However, the RDP server is newly created from a master image.
Now I have the fear that the settings and especially the Teamviewer IDs will change every time, after the nightly rollout.
If I use the assignment tool and then redistribute the Teamviewer after each rollout of the RDP server, the question arises whether the assignment tool identifies the devices as new each time and automatically reassigns them to the online account of Teamviewer.
Or is it checked if the name already exists and if necessary only the entries are updated?
There are 6 terminal servers which will be rolled out at night but will always have the same host names.


  • trentowsky
    trentowsky Posts: 2

    demand for it.
    Can I explicitly add the corresponding trusted devices (in this case 6 RDS servers) to the Teamviewer Online account, as system administrator, and all users have these as trusted devices in the portfolio, and do not need to confirm a separate email confirmation?

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