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Stop Searching – Find the Best Answers in the TeamViewer Community

Esther Posts: 4,112 Former Community Manager
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Do you have a tricky question about TeamViewer but no time to comb through search engines?

Get free help from thousands of experts in the TeamViewer Community!

If you’re only using TeamViewer occasionally, for example to fix your mom’s PC every other day, you’re probably fine with knowing the absolute basics of the program.

Sooner or later, however, one of these typical questions will pop up: “How to do this and that in TeamViewer?” or “where to change this and that in TeamViewer?”.

If you’re like me (blessed with only average computer knowledge), that’s usually when you start to type about 15 different versions of your question into your search engine of choice, because that’s the only way to get an answer.

And all of that just to read through pages and pages of forum posts that are kind of similar to your problem but can’t deliver an appropriate answer.

Long story short, it’s a really frustrating process, especially if you’re in a hurry.

So why did I say usually before?

Because that’s not the case if you have any questions about TeamViewer!

Right now, you’re located in the TeamViewer Community.

It’s the one place that can help you with any problem regarding TeamViewer faster and more accurate than any other.

You’d like to know where the hitch is? Let me show you why there isn’t one.

Get Your Problems Solved Quick

So, let’s look into how you can get the answers for your TeamViewer-related questions at the speed of light and why the answers you get are of such a high quality.

When a question about TeamViewer comes to mind, go to the TeamViewer Community – instead of a search engine - and type the search term that best describes your problem into the search bar.

By default, all of the community will be searched for your term, including the Community Blog. You can also filter the results by Knowledge Hub and Users.

Let me introduce these formats to you:

The Answers Are Already There

In the Knowledge Hub, you’ll find very descriptive and fully edited articles.

Each of them targets a specific topic and explains it thoroughly, including visual aid.

They will help you to use TeamViewer to its full capacity, if you’re interested in diving deeper into the software.

These articles are either written by TeamViewer staff or they are outstandingly helpful user posts that were promoted to Knowledge Hub articles by the community’s moderators.

This way you can be sure that the information in the articles is accurate.

Users and Employees at Your Disposal

Tons and tons of questions have already been answered by the TeamViewer Community since its launch in late 2016.

Chances are that your question is a quite regular one and there’s already an answer.

And the best part about it is that, in the TeamViewer Community, we have something called accepted solutions.

What that means is that users or moderators can promote answers that really worked out for them to give other users the answers with the highest value first.

In case there’s no answer and your question has never been asked in the community before, just make up leeway.

There are thousands of experts in the TeamViewer Community – many of whom make a living using TeamViewer to on a daily basis.

Additionally, there’s the TeamViewer staff. When push comes to shove, these great people will do their best to help you out as quick as possible.

Become a TeamViewer Expert

Last but not least, there’s the Community Blog. In fact, it’s right here and you’re reading it in this instant.

While the topics treated on the Community Blog will cover a big range of topics soon enough, my primary goal is to turn its readers into true TeamViewer experts.

The introduction of individual TeamViewer features, discovering how to use them in new and exciting ways or advice on how to use them professionally – don’t miss out and learn something new!

Throw Your Questions at Us

The next time you have a question about TeamViewer, you know where to go.

I believe that there’s no faster way to provide you with high quality knowledge and answers to any question you could possibly think of regarding TeamViewer.

And the best thing about it is that in this pool of knowledge, it’s all archived and easy to find.

So, do you have a question right now? Throw it at us and visit the community!

Former Community Manager


  • Hi,

    How to find out who owns the id?

  • Some one connect to my computer and erase some important file on my computer and i have is id but i need to know who is that person or having a proof that is that person have connect to my computer.

    Thanks for your help

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,112 Former Community Manager

    Hi @mfaucher1 

    If you saved the ID with an Alias in your Computer & Contacts list, you can use the Search field in the Computer & Contacts list to find out, whos computer connected to yours. We strongly recommend to grant access only to people you trust!

    Former Community Manager

  • I think you did not quite understand my question.
    I have an employee who was at home and that he is connected to his computer at the office. I trusted this employee but he resigned and erased all the computer data from his workstation overnight.

    I released a report to see who did this and I saw his ID that was registered [ID removed]. I know that this ID belongs to him and that it is his ID of his residence but I need to prove that c Is it because I only see its ID

  • Going overseas next week can you log into Teamviewer as normal while away ?

  • kroc
    kroc Posts: 1

    How do I add an additional computer to my account for remote control. I get an error message "Not ready. Check your connection" after I downloaded TeamViewer on the new computer I want to use for remote control and am unable to use TeamViewer on it. There is no problem with my internet connection. I was able to to download TeamViewer and do anything else on the internet.

  • corrie_123
    corrie_123 Posts: 4 ✭✭

    how do I delete my account so I can complete it correctly ?

  • RWK47
    RWK47 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited November 2021

    When I got onto NEWS it was to update credit card number for my Herald Sun account, but I accidently signed up for the Australian Newspaper. I now wish to cancel my Australian Subscription.

    Please acknowledge my cancellation.

    Regards Rodney Keir

    ***Information removed as per Community Guideline***

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,112 Former Community Manager

    Hi @RWK47

    Thanks for posting on our Blog. I am not too sure, whether I understand you correctly. You wrote on the TeamViewer Community. TeamViewer develops software for remote support and online meetings. However, we are not associated with any newspaper nor do we sell any subscriptions for newspapers. You may want to reach out to the Australian Newspaper directly to get this sorted out. Thanks, Esther

    Former Community Manager

  • GuruAdam
    GuruAdam Posts: 3 Newbie

    Getting the following error trying to buy Teamviewer license to upgrade my plan.

    "Please enter a valid phone number including country code.", while I actually entered my country code in all possible ways and formats. still gives error.

    Teamviewer doesn't have a customer service number for my country. how can I contact Teamviewer about this?