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OAuth - question about: ClientID and clientSecret

mLipok Posts: 777 ⭐Star⭐

In VBS example there is:

clientId = ""               '<-- Create an app in your TeamViewer Management Console and insert the client ID here.
clientSecret = "" '<-- Insert your client secret here.
authorizationCode = "" '<-- Visit
' Login, grant the permissions (popup) and put the code shown in the authorizationCode variable here

I was trying to use:

But I get the requested client does not exist.
I think I use wrong ClientID.

Recently in Mangment Console I click "Manage COMPANY" Then I go to "Application" , and I create new application, with give "name". Now I have a "marker" for this Application but where is the ClientID ?

So my question is:  From where I can get ClientID ?
Could sombody create an HOWTO to show how to create/get this two parameters (ClientID and clientSecret) ?


mLipok , AutoIt MVP

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