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I've been trialling Blizz since March 2017. I only became interested because I was looking for VOIP options with true end to end encryption and found this article online:

where, as the second point on the page, it states:

Secure: Blizz by TeamViewer is End-to-End Encrypted and Harnesses Proven TeamViewer Meeting Expertise

Yet if you try to google +Blizz +"end to end" today (use the "verbatim" option to ensure you don't get "related results" you're not interested in) and you'll get zero results.

So first question: Does Blizz offer true end to end encryption for its VOIP service?

second question: If it does, how does it cope when adding either late joiners to an existing session, or "dial in" users (neither of whom can be using the same shared key)?


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    Is there any update to this? Where can I find information esp. for Blizz and not for TeamViewer?