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Active Directory Integration. Share Group

Hi, I wonder if there is the possibility of automatic share group during join AD users to TV. Now i can synchronize users from AD but i must manualy share group for this users in TV, anyone knows how to do it automaticly?

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  • I would Like a Bit more details

    I have this script started but I'm Missing how to add userid and persmissions inside users

    $header = New-Object "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[[String],[String]]"
    $header.Add("authorization", 'Bearer token')
    $groupID = "gxxxxxxxx"
    $permission = "readwrite"
    $body = (@{
    userid = "uxxxxxxxx"
    permissions = $permission
    }) | ConvertTo-Json
    Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$groupID/share_group" -Method Post -Headers $header -ContentType application/json -Body $body

    So that is would look like

    { "users" : [   { "userid" : "u33516235",     "permissions" : "read" },   { "userid" : "u51235",     "permissions" : "readwrite" }] }


    If you would have a bit of insight on this I would greatly appriciate