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HI all

I've been following the instructions on how to set up SSO with Azure Active Directory.  I am at the point where I would like to upload the metadata XML into the Teamviewer Management Console.  The problem is I don't see the SSO option.  The instructions are:

To activate SSO, log in to Management Console and select the Single Sign-On menu entry. Click on Add domain and enter the domain you want to activate SSO for.

Any thoughts on where to find this option?




  • Scotty
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    Hi Tony,

    If the option does not appear, this indicates that this feature is not a part of your license.

    Could you give us a call so we can resolve this for you?


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  • Yerzhan
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    Good day,

     We have not used subscription model for Teamviewer before. Now we would like to setup ADFS to be used for authorization in Teamviewer. Also have not found SSO option.

    Could you tell us do we have that SSO in our subscription?

  • Yerzhan
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    Is SSO included into "TeamViewer Corporate"?

  • udf_support
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    In case someone else finds this, it is not included :/

  • MichaelUnify
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    This used to be included as i had it working until they decided to strip features out to create a 'new' product. How they reconcile not having SSO in a licence teir named 'Corporate' is mental.