Brand Your TeamViewer Modules for an Integrated Appearance

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Have you ever had a skeptical customer asking you what a TeamViewer is and why they should run it?

Customizing your TeamViewer modules is incredibly easy, but goes a long way in representing your brand.

Whenever you want to connect to a customer to provide remote support via TeamViewer, either they have the full version installed themselves or – as in most other cases – they don’t know TeamViewer, yet.

In that case, the easiest course of action for both you and the supported customer is to supply them with a TeamViewer QuickSupport module that requires no installation whatsoever but just has to be run.

You’ll have access to their device in the blink of an eye and they won’t have to worry about another program on their computer.

However, from experience we know that sometimes there are customers who are irritated by you asking them to install the QuickSupport module, e.g. possibly because by default, it’s branded as the “TeamViewer QuickSupport” and doesn’t show your or your company’s name.

If they saw your company’s design instead, they’d be reassured that they received your excellent support from the company they were expecting to receive it from.

Well, let me show you how to turn that irritation into confidence in no time!

How to Change the Design of Your TeamViewer Modules

Please note that the following explanation applies not only to TeamViewer QuickSupport modules, but works the same for TeamViewer QuickJoin modules and Host modules.

While QuickSupport modules are used for remote control, QuickJoin modules serve to join TeamViewer meetings and Host modules are used to set up unattended access to a device.

To change the design of your TeamViewer modules

1. Log into the Management Console at

2. Click on Design & Deploy.


 --> You can choose which one of the three modules you’d like to edit. The editing window will pop up when you click on either one of the modules.


3. Edit the title, logo, text, text color and background color just as you like.

--> As an example, I designed a QuickSupport module for my fictional friend John Doe:


4. It is also possible to edit the module download link you can send your customers. To do that, just click on save when you’re done editing the module.

--> A box titled your permanent link will pop up.

5. Click on edit.

--> A box titled choose your link will pop up.



--> Change the link and choose between a normal link or a shortened link. Click on apply to confirm the changes.

Note: The download page for the module is automatically branded with your company logo and color scheme, with the information pulled directly from the module’s settings.


And there you are: Your own customized and distinctive TeamViewer Quicksupport module! 



I’m Excited to See Your Creations!

I hope you try customizing TeamViewer modules yourself.

It’s really easy and intuitive – creating this example took me approximately 5 minutes, so the cost-benefit ration you get by taking that time is tremendous if you think about it.

Did you create a design that’s especially cool or funny? Upload a screenshot in the comment section below!

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  • Dorel
    Dorel Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Which are the recommended dimensions of my company logo for QuickSupport module, QuickJoin module and Host module

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,051 Former Community Manager

    Hi @Dorel 

    Thank you for your question. The recommended size is 100 x 270 pixel, but you can also use larger pictures. The Management Console will scale it down to 100 x 270 pixel. All the best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

  • Dorel
    Dorel Posts: 2 ✭✭

    100 x 270 looks to be for QuickSupport and QuickJoin modules. For the Host module has to be wider, 100 x 480 pixels. It is correct?

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,051 Former Community Manager

    @Dorel Yes, you are right. For the host, it is 480

    Former Community Manager

  • Zywiec
    Zywiec Posts: 1

    Ok that works for me only. I would like to customise for all our users.

  • TIT17
    TIT17 Posts: 1
    Hi! This is really great, but I do not understand why it is not an option to change the icon of the executable? It would be a great option to have. Are there any reason why this is not available? Thanks in advance!
  • sw4ma
    sw4ma Posts: 1


    What are the dimensions for SVG? I edited the height to 100px and the width to 480 px (host module) . But if I upload the SVG I get an unexpected error. I use Inkscape for editing.

    Thanks for your help.

  • James_Andor
    James_Andor Posts: 2 ✭✭

    How I can customize my Quicksupport module in different language? Now it is in spanish, my language, but I want to send it to my English speaking clients. Thanks

    Screenshot - 03_01_2018 , 18_36_28.jpg

    PAPERPRINTS Posts: 1


  • Max-TTS
    Max-TTS Posts: 7 ✭✭

    @PAPERPRINTS You can add them to your contacts via the top-right corner (Add user automatically to a group in contact list).

    However, TeamViewer QuickSupport is used to connect from your Teamviewer (host) to the QuickSupport client. It isn't designed for the QuickSupport to connect to other Teamviewer clients.

    By the way: typing all-caps is frowned upon to, as it is considered shouting on the internet. Therefore I (and many others beside me) would ask you to type without your caps-lock turned on when asking questions.

    Please consider the environment before posting on the internet.
  • oracosolutions
    oracosolutions Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Ok, trying to get some help.

    I have done my customisation and it has been working fine.  However, the last few customers that have downloaded my Host application have not had my personal branding coming through. I have no idea why not as everything looks in order. Any suggestions.

    Website Designer

    IT Support Help Desk

    Domain and Web Hosting Reseller

  • acwmhelpdesk
    acwmhelpdesk Posts: 1

    I recently upgraded to TeamViewer 14. My host modules on each machine were personalized with our logo, etc. That is now lost. I upgraded the modules in the design section of the console, but there does not seem to be a way to make sure the upgraded host modules on the machines reflect this. The generic host is showing up. Please advise.

  • GilbertoIt
    GilbertoIt Posts: 1
    Hi, how is possible to update a custom module of a previous version of TV? Sometimes even previous version are updated and it would be nice to have the custom module to reflect that. Thanks Gilberto
  • Superpippo
    Superpippo Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I agree with Gilberto. We need a way to customize previous release of Teamviewer modules (i.e. QuickSupport, Join, Host,....).



  • Alan_Samuel
    Alan_Samuel Posts: 1

    We really need to be able to brand the tray and desktop shortcut icon.

  • ag64jonfox
    ag64jonfox Posts: 1

    @Alan_Samuel I agree, branding of the entire desktop program (icons, installed program name, etc) is our need

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