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Exporting TeamViewer_settings.reg file Question

RogerH Posts: 12 ✭✭

I'm using the TeamViewer documented method of rolling out TeamViewer host (TVH) 11, using SCCM.

  1. Setup groups, profiles etc.
  2. Create custom Host installer, and download MSI package
  3. Rename MSI file to include -idc<profile ID>
  4. Install this to a machine and confirm it has assigned to correct account and profile and group
  5. Configure TVH on hte test machine with unattended password, and other settings
  6. Export the settings to TeamViewer_Settings.reg file
  7. Include this .reg file in the same folder as the MSI file when I deploy package with SCCM

It all works as expected, but I notice that all the Hosts, when I right click System Tray icon and select 'About TeamViewer', show me 'License: Free', even though I have used a valid license in TeamViewer Management Console. Is this an issue?

I am wondering..... when I setup the Host on the initial test machine and exported the settings to .reg, should I have selected the option to 'Export License' and then entered the license details there? Would this then store the license in the .REG file and import it on any hosts that are installed based on that .REG file ? Is the license encrypted in the .REG file, or is it stored in clear text ?


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  • I have the same problem with Teamviewer 13 (deploying version 11 functions well!).

    Exporting (saving) the License and all other needed settings from the Teamviewer software into the file Teamviewer_Settings.reg and saving it in the same folder as the MSI Teamviewer installation software. After deploying, Teamviewer was not activated automatically.

    Funny, because deploying all other changed settings works fine. I allready sended an Email to support, but this not heared of them yet.



  • Schweizer
    Schweizer Posts: 1

    Habe das gleiche Problem mit der aktuellsten TeamViewer-Version.

    Verteile sie mittels Softwareverteilung und die TeamViewer_Settings.reg enthält die Lizenz.

    Diese wird allerdings nicht übernommen, alle anderen Einstellungen schon.

  • GordonP
    GordonP Posts: 3

    Same here... we could deploy TeamViewer 12 with TeamViewer_Settings.reg without any problems.

    TeamViewer 13 doesn't apply the exported license-key from reg-file anymore - entering it manually on every machine is no option for us.

  • Julia
    Julia Posts: 290 Staff member 🤠

    Hi all,

    Thank you for your posts.

    It should still be possible to roll out the MSI package with the license key in the .reg file. The license key changes from version to version so I would like to ask you if you can make sure, that you used the current license key. You can also send me a private message here with a screenshot of the .reg file so I can check this for you.


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  • GordonP
    GordonP Posts: 3

    Hi Julia,

    after some more trying i found a solution:

    It seems that the export-function to reg-file doesn't take into account if the OS is a x64-System or not.

    I've installed and registered TeamViewer on my Machine manually, went into Win-Registry, and exported all relevant keys/values manually. Because I'm running a 64bit-Windows they were stored under HLKM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\TeamViewer\   - NOT under HKLM\SOFWARE\TeamViewer\

    I took the content of my manually exported reg file (copy&paste) and added it to the .reg created by TeamViewer export function.

    Now everything works flawlessly and we can deploy TeamViewer with licences again :-)



  • GordonP
    GordonP Posts: 3

    Hi Julia,

    that's good to know and maybe explains the issues the other thread-members have (they also use deploment tools).

    When installing via our Software Deployment System, the reg-File seems to be "invisible" to the MSI (maybe it gets copied to a temp folder without the reg before getting executed - don't know), so our solution was to execute the Reg-File automatically after Installation.

    However - now I know that it's not intended to execute the reg-File manually, and I have a workaround (mind the ...\WOW6432Node\.. path for x64 machines and customize the reg file accordingly) for our deployment tool.

    Thanks for your help and explanation! :-)