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Script Execution Solution in TeamViewer 14



  • valkyriebiker
    valkyriebiker Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Hi @Kerstin_PO 

    Yep, I appreciate that scripts can be maliciously used (or not) to cause damage. But I would submit that anyone skilled enough to write a script to do such damage is already plenty capable of causing harm using other methods. e.g. Disabling user input, opening a local cmd prompt, and pasting in a string of commands -- all possible using TV QS which is scriptless AFAIK. Most endusers would have no idea what is going on and would not stop it.

    I appreciate that TV wants to minimize the ability to use a TV-provided function (scripts) for such activity. But as is usually the case, well-meaning use also gets limited while not really making anything more secure.

    Thanks again for your help and rapid replies. One of the many reasons I've been a licensed TV user for 10+ years.

  • Efari
    Efari Posts: 1


    when are we going to be able to execute a script without a session in silent, or execute the same script on many devices at the same time? 

    i see this has been talked about, and it's been quite some time now. surely this should be implemented by now?

  • SlawekS
    SlawekS Posts: 1 Newbie


    in the article it is possible to enable the option "Allow script execution without confirmation" why I do not have this option in version 15.xx ?