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Mobile Device viewing and control from Intune

JohnMoe Posts: 10 ✭✭

As I understand it, the flow for remote control of a user's mobile device is:

  • Click "New Remote Assistance Session" from Intune
  • Once done, click "Start Remote Assistance" using the link in Intune
  • User opens the Intune Company Portal App to see the notification that someone is trying to connect; tapping the notification starts TeamViewer QuickSupport
  • User is prompted to allow Remote Support; taps "Allow"
  • User is prompted to allow screen sharing; taps "Start"

If you're on a Samsung device, there's more user prompts involving Knox, and iOS is even worse with having to add Screen Recording to Control Center, then using Control Center to switch screen recording from the recording app to TeamViewer, and having to tap "Start Broadcast".

This all seems a bit overly complicated, especially for the end user; am I missing something, or have mobiles (both Android and iOS) just not quite evolved enough for simple corporate/enterprise remote viewing/control?  I know I'm doing this through Intune, but I believe most of this functionality comes from TeamViewer, so I'm beginning the conversation here; feel free to let me know if my assumptions/understanding is wrong.


John Moe

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