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TeamViewer AD Connector ( Unable to determine token account information of configured Teamviewer API


We have recently bought licence teamviewer. We have created Administrator user on dedicated web portal teamviewer. We have create token like mentioned on your Web documentation. We have Active Directory Server with different group. We download and setup Teamviewer AD Connector with token created before. When I try to launch synchronization we have an error indicate : "Unable to determine token account information. Please check API token permisions." And users members of Group Active Directory authorized to synchronize don't appear on web portal Teamviewer.



For your information, we have correctly setup permissions for API like to documentation.

PS : We attached screenshot of log generated by TeamViewer AD Connector


  • Sven_F
    Sven_F Posts: 22 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @Horizon

    i think you are at least using version 1.2.0 of the AD Connector and with this version a change was implemented to prevent API-Token users to deactivate themselves by accident:

    - Added optional lookup for token owner to avoid accidential
    deactivation of the account that owns the configured API token.
    This requires additional token permissions.

    I guess that the users who is not being updated in your case is the API Token owner. If that's the case and you want this user also to be updated, you need some additional permissions:

    Open Management Console --> Edit profile --> Apps --> Create script token. Add the permission View, create and edit users and admins for User Management and additionally add the permission View full profile for Account Management:


    This should solve your problem..


  • Hello,

    Ok. I haven't error now with your advise. But impossible to connect to web interface with members authorized Group's AD.  What do you must enter on field name customer identifier ? Please see below screenshots




     Thanks a lot for your help at this topic

  • Sven_F
    Sven_F Posts: 22 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @Horizon,

    the Customer Identifier is a requirement when setting up SSO accounts in TeamViewer. More information can be found here:

    But in order to use SSO, you need to have an Enterprise/Tensor license. With any other license, SSO can't be used and you can create your accounts either with predefined passwords or let them be generated.


  • Hello,

    Now we haven't errors with TeamViewer AD Connector. But It's not possible to connect to web portal Teamviewer with credentials Active Directory. Do we need to have Windows Azure to allow to connect with credentials Active Directory ? And If yes, How do you proceed to parameters

    Thanks a lot for your help