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Hello TeamViewer Pilot!

EstherEsther Posts: 2,991 Community Manager


Hi TeamViewer Community,

We are happy to launch TeamViewer Pilot today for our users as a product as well as inside our community as a support area for it.

What is TeamViewer Pilot?

TeamViewer’s Augmented Reality solution (=TeamViewer Pilot) enables you to fix issues on-site by remotely assisting on-site staff or clients through troubleshooting, problem resolution, product setup, and more. 

With TeamViewer Pilot it is possible to connect to the camera image of a mobile device and get its image transmitted to a computer in real-time whilst being able to talk to each other via VoIP and interacting with 3D annotations to help the user on the mobile device to fix issues in the real world by drawing and highlighting on the screen onto real-world objects.

Get started today and make sure to share your experiences with us and other users here in our TeamViewer Pilot Community and learn more in our Pilot Knowledge Base which will be filled with even more articles in the future!

Download for Android


Download for iOS


Thanks and all the best,


Community Manager


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