How to Enable the new TeamViewer 12 Design & Boost Your Productivity

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Want to enjoy your work and quickly find exactly what you need in the blink of an eye? Great! You’re only a few clicks away from that with TeamViewer 12.

When you get into the flow, you don’t want anything to slow you down.

Even a few extra clicks, or having to pause for a second to think about where to find a button or tool can be a serious pain.

Instead, you want to quickly – almost instinctively – find what you need to carry on with the task at hand.

Not only does this mean we can work more productively, but also get more enjoyment from what we’re doing.

Overhauled Desktop Client in TeamViewer 12

In TeamViewer 12 we can all benefit from a Simplified Client Interface that promotes focus, and working more intuitively with an overhauled, one-window interface.

It’s been through a rigorous design process, and thoroughly tested in usability trials.

We wanted to make sure it lives up to the ambition of simplifying and streamlining your experience in working with TeamViewer.

It’s also an optional design – you can view a preview and choose whether or not you want to activate it. Decide for yourself what works best for you!

Each and every one of us has a personal workflow and set of criteria that influences how we get on with the tools we use.

Eager to get up and running? Follow these steps!

How to Activate the New Simplified Client Interface

You can activate the new client interface with just six easy steps:

1. Start TeamViewer.

2. In the main menu, click Extras and choose Options


The Options Dialogue Box will open.

3. Select General.

4. Tick the box next to Use new user interface (Preview).


Click the “OK” button in the lower right hand corner.

Restart TeamViewer to apply the new interface setting.

You’re all set and done!

Let’s Get the Discussion Going

What are your thoughts on the new client interface in TeamViewer 12? Will you be testing it out?

Let’s get the discussion going in the comments section below!

Also, let me know, if you’ve got any questions about the new features.

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  • MoveisAndrade
    This option is not available in linux Ubuntu version. I've installed TeamViewer 12.0.71510 on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Is Anything wrong with this TV12 version?
  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,051 Former Community Manager

    Hi @MoveisAndrade

    The new interface is at the moment only available for Windows and Mac. It is not yet available for Linux, but I hope, that it will be soon released. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you when this will be.

    But I hope, that I understand you right, that you like the new interface?  That´s great to hear!



    Former Community Manager

  • pgo
    pgo Posts: 1

    I can get the interface in my admin account but the option is grayed out in my standard user account which is how I run the client most of the time. Any suggestions?

  • CaptCaddburry
    CaptCaddburry Posts: 1

    So I know its been a while but I just activated this setting today. I shut down the app and restarted it, and after roughly 10 seconds of waiting it comes up with a message of "Teamviewer has stopped working and must shut down." Now I can not even open Teamviewer because I wanted to try this option. Anyway of deactivating the option?? Also, Teamviewer isn't even installed. I am using it as a portable. 

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