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After YEARS, suddenly valid items quarantined

Suddenly, with recent upgrade to latest Teamviewer, I now have I guess ITBrain (?) forced on me. Never had nor saw TV Antimalware before this latest TV update. Now it is quarantining my legitimate files and NO, i wont send you copies of the false positives! I just need procedure to disable this AV and get my files back! And to leave it disabled permanently! NOT uninstall at this point, because I want to make sure I get my files back first. Next: Maybe you gave warning that TV antivirus was being installed, but I do not remember seeing any such notice, and i use my own AV. This probably explains why Micosoft's AV recently, about the time of TV upgrade, gave errors of conflicts. Please explain and please give me thrme steps to get my files back and to ensure TV antivirus, antimalware products stay disabled. Thanks


  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 520 Senior Moderator

    Hello @themaindude 

    Thank you for your post.

    Please be advised that TeamViewer Endpoint Protection is not automatically installed on any device. It must be installed from the Management Console or TeamViewer's Computers & Contacts, either from a trial or from a licensed account, and can only be installed on a device by the account listed on the device within the TeamViewer General settings (Extras | Options | General | Account Assignment). 

    Regarding the quarantined files, you can find the Global Quarantine in the Management Console under Endpoint Protection:

    1. log in to the Management Console - - with the Assigned Account
    2. click Endpoint Protection on the left
    3. click the wrench icon to go to the Policy
      2019-04-05 09_23_41-TeamViewer Management Console.png
    4. Select the default policy, un-check the box for real-time protection. 
      2019-04-05 09_24_48-TeamViewer Management Console.png
    5. Save the pollcy and close the window
    6. Select the icon with a box on it (global quarantine
      2019-04-05 09_18_57-TeamViewer Management Console.png
    7. You will see any files quarantined by TeamViewer Endpoint Protection here. Using the drop-down to the right of each file, you can restore the file to the device.

    Should any issue persist, please reach out to our support team directly for further assistance.


    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator

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