How To Effectively Make Use Of The TeamViewer-JIRA Integration

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JIRA is easily the most used project management tool used by software developers, in order to get their work done efficiently and transparently among team members.

To manage the demanding process of Software Development, TeamViewer developed a plugin for JIRA for their users to be able to use TeamViewer directly from the software.

With this, software developers are much more advantaged as they can, to say the least, share their screen if something goes wrong.

Having built with Agile Teams in mind, JIRA is the perfect tool for software developers to plan, track and release world class software.

Now, with the introduction of the TeamViewer plugin, a few clicks directly from the JIRA software allows users to initiate remote connections directly from within a JIRA ticket, start calls and create permanent chat groups for their teams as well.

What Is Agile Software Development?

Before we talk about the integration, let me tell you what are Agile Teams and why TeamViewer decided to develop this plugin for JIRA.

Agile Development methods break product development work into small increments that minimize the amount of up-front planning and design.

A method known as the Waterfall Method was used prior to the Agile Development Method.

The waterfall method is basically a non-iterative design process, in which the process is seen as flowing steadily downwards through the many stages in getting the software ready for release. Hence, the name waterfall.

Agile Development on the other hand was born because of a crisis in the technology production period. The time taken to develop an actual application was not less than 3 years and by the time, needs changed, technology changed, systems changed and the whole business was likely to change. This was known as the ‘application delivery lag’.
In the early months of 2001 the Agile Manifesto was born.

Since JIRA is a software for that supports any Agile Methodology, the people from TeamViewer thought that Agile Team members could really benefit from having a TeamViewer plugin because it eases communication between team members and highly promotes teamwork. 


What Can You Do With The TeamViewer Plugin?

JIRA in this case, is used for issue tracking, bug tracking, and iterative project management.

After talking to the guys from the software development team at TeamViewer, they mentioned how this integration proved to be very useful for them using JIRA.

Imagine a situation like this; the head of the department assigns you a task on JIRA by tagging your name to the task, and you receive an email showing that this task has been assigned to you.

You quickly open your email seeing that you have a new, assigned task and open the software to check it out.

As you’re going through it, you’re confused because of a coding error that you have no idea how to get around it. So, you tag him back asking about the confusion.

He then gets an email notifying that he has been tagged in a JIRA task and goes on to click the link from his email to which he will be redirected to the software.

Imagine how much time can be saved if there was a way for people to chat, call or even share screens to ease working with other people on the same task in JIRA.

I wonder if there really is a shortcut to do this.

Hint: it rhymes with SteamFewer.

You get the idea, right?

The TeamViewer-JIRA integration improves the communication process between colleagues working on tasks using the software.

It really makes communication faster as fewer emails are sent to each other whenever you need to notify a colleague about something from the software. As if we don’t get enough emails already.

In order to use the TeamViewer plugin, the JIRA admin merely has to download the plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace.

With this TeamViewer Plugin for JIRA, team members can also set up online meetings with just a few clicks.

Other TeamViewer features such as connecting to a partners’ PC remotely is possible directly from the plugin.

This could be extremely helpful for when team members want to discuss about their developments or issues recurring in their software.

Quickly clarify open questions with your colleagues and avoid misunderstandings.


Moreover, the functions that TeamViewer built for the JIRA plugin are based on the new page.

In short, the TeamViewer plugin for JIRA can serve as a master example for this technology.

And just like TeamViewer, the plugin is freely available and can be used by private users and anyone with a TeamViewer license.

Developing Apps With TeamViewer API

TeamViewer provides a web-based API to control various aspects of your TeamViewer account. You can use the API to develop apps that integrate TeamViewer functionality into your own corporate environment or you can develop apps that everyone can use.

Because all of the APIs used are freely available, anyone can build a similar plugin for a wide variety of different software applications.

Developers interested in creating their own plugins can even include additional TeamViewer APIs such as User Management, Session Management, or Connection Reports to name a few.

Want to know more about the TeamViewer API? Then visit today for more information.

Write to us if you think you have any ideas on additional plugins which could be useful for both you and us!

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