Can Administrators use the Restore Backup Feature?

BenKinnard Posts: 2

Hi guys, 

Is it possible for an administrator to restore backups? The "Owner" can backup and restore but admin can not. Is there a way to assign other users the ability to do this. Backup is set to manage and assign for the admin. 



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  • nik-art
    nik-art Posts: 1

    Good day.
    We use version 11.
    We have included a trial version for testing.
    I, as an administrator, added devices for backup.
    Everything works, but other users cannot click restore files on devices that other users have.
    What can I do so that users can restore files?

  • GarethStuga
    GarethStuga Posts: 3 ✭✭

    This is a very restrictive feature. I need the whole team to be able to restore backups, not just the "owner". Can I request this as a change please?